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Top 5 ways to live a happy, healthy life on and off the bike!

1. Make your health a priority.

The foundation for a healthy body starts with good nutrition and understanding what foods are best for you! We are so excited to have Victoria Niveen, RD, LDN, IFNCP good friend, colleague as one of our SSC HAPPY NEW YOU CHALLENGE partners to offer Your Wellness Redefined(TM) for only $199!  This 28-day program fuels you, so that you can go out and do big things! It provides a simple, practical food plan that emphasizes wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. It also gives you a calendar of workouts fit for any level so you can incorporate movement even on the busiest of days. Finally, you will be given strategies to help optimize other essential areas of well-being such as quality sleep and coping with stress. Not to mention, loads of deeper dives into hot topics and all things health and wellness! 

2. Get your body and mind aligned.

Aligning your spine increases your comfort on and off your bike! And, when your body and mind are in alignment, reaching your goals becomes more achievable. ChiroWholeness has been keeping our family well adjusted for many years and we are so happy they have agreed to be a SSC HAPPY NEW YOU CHALLENGE partner; offering full body adjustments, lifestyle advice, and whole health education. 

Visit ChiroWholeness to schedule your discounted First Visit including consultation, initial exam and whole body adjustment. Must be registered for the challenge to receive this offer!

3. Ensure Bike Fit and Bike Function

Improper positioning on the bike can result in a disappointing ride interfering with your cycling goals for the New Year. Bike Fit is not a one size fits all just like getting your body aligned it’s important to be in alignment with your bike as well. 

Ask us about Bike Fit now being offered at South Side Cyclery!

Regular tune-ups keep your bike safe and working as intended. Avoid unnecessary problems during your rides with proper maintenance and adjustments on your bike. 

Bring your bike by South Side Cyclery for a free repair/ maintenance estimate.

4. Find your people.

Tim and Deanna are always bringing people together and offering opportunities to connect with other riders through group rides, clinics and fun events. Like us on Facebook, follow us on instagram or check out our calendar of events of our website to help find your people!

5. Finally conquer your fears with a cycling coach!

Don’t be stuck with FOMO! Our friend, HAPPY NEW YOU CHALLENGE partner and professional cycling coach Eric Fraizer trains athletes around the country in several disciplines: road, mountain, cyclocross, and gravel. His approach is evidence-based and holistic. By focusing on Training, Mindset, Nutrition, and Recovery, he provides his clients with all the tools they need to reach their goals. This year Eric helped launch the inaugural season for the Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League....#morekidsonbikes as the Team Director and Head Coach of the South City Composite Team. Eric made it possible for youth in our community to build confidence and conquer their fears by teaching them how to mountain bike. We are so pleased that he is launching six week training plans for our SSC NEW YOU CHALLENGE! 

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