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Local Rides

Explore Our Community By Bike

We love riding our bikes as much as you do! Check out the awesome community rides, events, and cycling clubs that we support. Learn more about the local happenings that interest you, and get involved today!

Girls Night Out "GNO" Ride

Join our Girl's Night Out "GNO" Ride at the shop every Thursday, Wheels roll at 6pm!


This ride is open and inclusive that allows all genders, but is focused on empowering all women to improve their cycling confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

Rides will start for 2023 on March 23rd! 

We have 4 different groups:

SSC GNO “Girls Night Out” Advanced -Fast Pace

Average MPH will be no less than 16mph. Routes do vary from week to week.  

SSC GNO “Girls Night Out” Intermediate - Fitness Pace

Average MPH will be no less than 13mph. Routes do vary from week to week. This no drop, fitness pace ride is designed to help improve cycling fitness. 

SSC GNO “Girls Night Out” Party Pace - Intermediate Casual Pace

The party pace group is great for those that enjoy riding together at an average pace between 11-12 mph. It is a great group for strong hybrid riders and recreational road bike riders. 

SSC GNO “Girls Night Out” Joy Ride - Beginner

Routes vary weekly and the ride pace is between 8-10 mph for approximately 10 miles. This is a casual No Drop Ride perfect for beginners wanting to feel more comfortable riding on roads and greenways. There is a ride leader and sweeper as well as a mechanic for support. 

Our dedicated team of Ride Ambassadors will help you choose which group is best suited for you. Although we will not leave anyone behind, we do ask that you choose the group that meets your average speed abilities for safety purposes of keeping the groups together. 

If you are unsure what group to ride in, ask an Ambassador in a Blue and Red South Side Cyclery kit!

Grab your friends and join us for a ride!

*helmets required, lights required at dusk and any minors must be accompanied by an adult and be able to ride at the pace of the group they choose, parents and guardians are fully responsible for the minor, not the ride ambassadors.*

Trailnet Rides

Trail Net: Making walking and biking in St. Louis better for everyone!

Trailnet is a nonprofit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri, dedicated to promoting active living and improving the health and quality of life for residents in the St. Louis region. Trailnet's mission revolves around creating a connected network of trails, bikeways, and walkable communities to encourage walking, cycling, and other forms of active transportation.

Click HERE to see what rides they currently have going on!

St. Louis Area Ride and Event Calendar

Ride and Event Calendar

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