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Mountain Bike Guide

For the Love of Dirt

Whether you're seeking adventure, a break from your routine, or a challenging workout, there’s a mountain bike that’s perfect for you. We have an excellent selection of fat tire bikes that are ideally suited for our local bike trails and a friendly team of cyclist enthusiasts on hand to answer all of your MTB questions.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail, or front-suspension, mountain bikes are great all-around off-road machines. Their simple design makes them a good choice for riding trails, gravel paths, light bikepacking, and even pavement.

Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full-suspension mountain bikes are designed to tackle a variety of tricky terrain. Having front and rear suspension helps keep both wheels in contact with the trail for better traction and control.

29er Mountain Bikes

With a larger wheel diameter, 29” mountain bikes offer big benefits to the rider. Bigger wheels roll faster, and you’ll experience greater momentum, better stability, and improved traction on a 29er.

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